The St Stephen’s Cathedral

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Travel through time by discovering the historical heritage of Toul and its area! The St Stephen’s Cathedral, the St Gengoult’s Collegiate Church, the Art and History Museum, or the typical villages of Lorraine await you for a thousand year old journey!

Toul – The bishops' city

Toul, Metz, Verdun… the famous Three Bishoprics of the Kingdom of France! Come see the true gem of religious architecture on our territory – that that made the bishops of Toul proud : the St Stephen’s Cathedral! This majestic lady which celebrated its 800th anniversary in 2021 will dazzle you with its staggering dimensions, its sumptuous stained-glass windows and numerous treasures ! At its foot, take a stroll in the Palais Episcopal garden (which is now the city hall), and discover the monuments and the picturesquely named streets of the medieval city. Alone or with others, guided or on your own, the office offers traditional and / or fun visits for everyone!

Cathédrale Saint-Etienne
Cathédrale Saint-Etienne

The bishop's road

Travel through vineyards and orchards on the bishops’ road that was drawn by the bishops themselves and by the canons and religious orders from the area. These men left their mark on the territory and a rich heritage to discover ! On the programme : the Michel Hachet’s Art and History Museum – which is established in the former Maison Dieu of Toul, the fortified medieval buildings – including the ‘lodges’ in Blénod-les-Toul, or the Provost’s residence in Villey-Saint-Etienne.

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About and around the Cathedral

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